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Welcome to the official website of Paddiruppu Education Zone .We provide information on institutional services of Paddiruppu Zonal Education office and Information on schools in Paddiruppu Education Zone


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Message from Zonal Director of Education


To maintain the education system efficiently and fruitfully is the aim of all the members who work in the Paddiruppu Education Zone. To achieve the success of this activity representatives of administrative personals in various positions in the education system face a great requirement of an efficient Zonal information system. In this needful situation I’m very much pleased the Zonal Information & Communication Technological Division and Zonal CRC has taken the initiative to create a web site in order to strengthen the zonal information network. I assume that the particular web site has contributed towards making the zonal information system more interactive. I believe, through this web site the members of our zone as well as officials of provincial and ministerial level & other institutes could get the necessary information easily.


Zonal Director of Education

Paddiruppu Education Zone.

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  Our Vision

Personable Society with excellent
knowledge ,Skill and Attitude
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Our Mission
Provide facilities and guidence to implement educational activities efficiently and effectively to all the schools in the Paddiruppu Zone to develop students with balance personallity
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PPaddiruppu Zonal Education Office,

Kaluwanchikudy (E.P)

Email :


Web Team

Advicer : Mrs.N.Pullanayagam (ZDE,Paddiruppu Education Zone)

Technical Advicer : Mr.T.Nithiyananthan (DDE,Planning and ICT Coordinator

Web Design :Mr.S.Thiviyaraj (Manager,CRC)



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